About the competition

The coronavirus outbreak still threatens us, and our priority continues to be keeping everyone as safe as possible. We decided that the Final round will be organized online as well. It will be a different experience than a live Final, but will still be challenging and fun.

Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome to Project Armstrong! 

We invite you to an embedded C programming competition to which you can apply in teams of 2-3 members until 27th March. The competition is made up of an online Qualification round and an online Final round organized with the top 6 teams. 1st prize: 250 000 HUF electronic gift card per team member.

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The story

Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, and the sixth closest to the planet of all the 79 known moons of Jupiter. Slightly smaller than Earth's Moon, it is primarily made of silicate rock and has a water-ice crust and probably an iron–nickel core. Europa has the smoothest surface of any known solid object in the Solar System. The apparent youth and smoothness of the surface have led to the hypothesis that a water ocean exists beneath the surface, which could conceivably harbour extra-terrestrial life... 

Two days ago, the whole team of the highly classified Project Armstrong disappeared under mysterious circumstances. While the Elite Rescue Unit is trying to find them, the project must continue! You are playing the role of a specialist in the Tiger team formed to complete the project:

Send a small spacecraft to the sixth moon of Jupiter, Europa and search for traces of alien life.


Get prepared for the moon landing with our minigame! Before you can start your journey to Europa, you need to assemble and program your spacecraft’s guidance computer. Can you solve the tasks? Test your logical and programming skills with our game and have a chance to win a VR Park gift coupon. 

Online Qualification round

First you must successfully land on Europa, completing a journey of more than 600 million kilometres. Unfortunately, the firmware responsible for controlling the landing gears was not complete by launch time. Your team must develop a new firmware and update the spacecraft's control system "Over The Space". The firmware shall be a bare metal application developed in C. 

The top 6 teams proceed to the Live Final round.

Online Final round

Scientists have found that thin plumes of water are being ejected above Europa’s icy surface. The source of these plumes is linked to Europa’s ocean. After landing, the next task is to approach one of these water plumes to sample and analyse it. You'll must autonomously drive the Moon Rover to accomplish this challenge. The programming language used is C, as before.




The Project Armstrong competition is open to experienced C programmers as well as university students. You can apply in teams of 2-3 members.

Employees of Arm Hungary Kft. cannot participate in the competition.


If you have questions regarding the registration, the competition or any technical information, send an email to info@projectarmstrong.hu.