the moon!

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Conquer the moon with our newest C programming competition: Project Armstrong! 

In this challenge you will have to send a small spacecraft to Jupiter’s moon Europa and search for evidence of alien life. Apply to the competition with your team of 2-3 members until 27th March!

Get prepared for the moon landing with our minigame! Before you can start your journey to Europa, you need to assemble and program your spacecraft’s guidance computer. Can you solve the tasks? Test your logical and programming skills with our game and have a chance to win a VR Park gift coupon. 

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Registration deadline:27th March
Qualification round:30th March
- 20th April
Final*:6th - 7th November

*The coronavirus outbreak still threatens us, and our priority continues to be keeping everyone as safe as possible. We decided that the Final round will be organized online as well. It will be a different experience than a live Final, but will still be challenging and fun.
Thanks for your understanding.


Gift Card 250 000
1st prize
250 000 HUF electronic gift card per team member
Gift Card 125 000
2nd prize
125 000 HUF electronic gift card per team member
Gift Card 50 000
3rd prize
50 000 HUF electronic gift card per team member

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